Friday, October 22, 2004

Shut Up and Just Play

I love my Los Angeles Lakers. Through good times and bad, winning and losing, I have been a fan since I knew what basketball and the Lakers were. But this Shaq, Kobe and Phil crap in the media needs to cease. Ok, Phil needs to sell his book since obviously 30 million bucks over the last 5 years will not last him for his self-proclaimed year off. Business is business, fine. But everybody else, please shut the hell up about last season and start paying attention to this one. I don't care who started it, who's the most dominate ever, who did what to who in Colorado or how much Shaq weighs. Just play the damn games and shut your pie holes. If I want drama I will watch General Hospital on the Tivo with my wife.

By the way, seeing Gary Payton in a Boston Celtics jersey on the highlights tonight was poetic justice.