Friday, February 03, 2006

Super Post

I have been in downtown Detroit since Monday night working in this building which used to be the Iodent Toothpaste factory.


The downtown Detroit area is the equivalent of Los Angeles' own Coliseum area but with lots of rundown buildings or vacant lots that were buildings three months ago. Apparently the city has torn down about 75 buildings recently as part of a redevelopment effort and to prepare for the Super Bowl. I am working with 3 other ESPN employees from Bristol, CT. supporting this site for ESPN the Magazine. We are about 4 blocks from Ford Field where the game will be played. Our group has installed a wireless network, laptops and printers for ESPN staff and other vendors to use. We are supporting anyone that needs our help plus this scrolling ticker on the front of the building. On the ground floor of this building is the Centaur Bar which has been serving free drinks the last few nights. The only catch is that it must be a Miller or Absolut product. Life is rough.


ESPN the Magazine has turned the building into a big party scene for its big NEXT issue. Several companies have taken over each 1000 square foot floor. Mobile ESPN is on 4, Gillete is on 5, Cadillac is on 6, Miller Brewing is on 7 and the Magazine is on 8. Each floor has various events happening to push their wares. Today I went to the Gillette floor and had my beard trimmed and my face shaved with the new Gillette Fusion razor by a very pretty young lady. Then I walked over to the massage area and had a great 10 minute massage. Last night we watched people get tattoos in Mobile ESPN's floor and got some good swag!

This morning when we got in Joe Montana was doing live TV interviews from the studio setup on street level. I tried to meet him but only got this picture through the glass. He did walk past me when he finished but he looked like he did not want to be bothered so I tried to respect his space.


This morning we went over to the Renaissance Center, which is headquarters to everything Super Bowl, to get our ESPN SB credentials and one of my buddies from Bristol snapped this shot just as my daughter Kylie called me. We all agreed that I had to wear it. We saw Joe Theisman walking in with his posse and said hi to him. Cold Pizza was on live from the big atrium area. It feels really cool to be carrying ESPN credentials for this huge event. Our presence here is amazing.


This is a photo from Comerica Park where the Tigers play. Gargoyles...we don't need no stinking Gargoyles! We have tigers eating baseballs. The facade of Comerica Park is beautiful.


Tonight we are supposed to be going to Friday Night Fights in nearby Greektown. We have also been invited to the ESPN tailgate party on Sunday morning. And finally rumors abound that tickets have been secured for the big game. Believe it or not we are working ten to twelve hour days and climbing the stairs more than not so its not just fun and games. When we are busy we are on the run. I am eating a tasty brat as I finish this post. Scott told that I had to have brats when I got here so this one is for him. Cheers!