Wednesday, October 25, 2006

World Leaders

My 6th grade daughter, Jamie, was given an assignment that included the question "Who is a world leader that you admire and why?" Her teacher told her that if she did not know of any she could ask her parents who they admired and use that as an answer. Now there's a question for this age that really put me on the spot. World Leader, that I admire...................I could not think of a single one. Nor could Debby. To Jamie's credit she answered that there are no leaders that my parents admire at this time. Here's the best part, this was part of her Bible homework.

That said, sadly there is no one out there right now that I can say oh yeah he or she is a good one. I mean president ding-dong gets the boobie prize for that question, but are there any standouts in the world these days? Am I missing someone obvious?