Thursday, June 29, 2006

Living Dangerously

As a pedestrian and a driver I understand that the pedestrian legally always has the right of way. But let's be real if I run over a jaywalker in the middle of the forest and no one sees it: a) did it really happen and b) who's to say who had the right of way. Dead men tell no tales....

That said, I do not mind yielding to jaywalkers and thrillseekers one bit. Been known to do it myself. But let's be clear about one thing. If you are going to cross a busy street and not use the crosswalk you'd better not take it for granted that I see you or more importantly that I am yielding to you. Make the appropriate deferential eye contact that says "I know that I am illegally crossing this street here and that I morally have no right to ask you to let me pass but I thank you for taking pity on my dumb jaywalking ass." That's all I ask, just a little humility.

So imagine my ire this evening when an arrogant young man yielded not one bit today as I was leaving work and jaywalked in front of my blood red PT Cruiser. The Cruiser that would barely show a drop of freshly extracted blood from the walking ass clown that showed no hesitation in illegally crossing the street in front of me. Because of his arrogance I chose not to slow down until it was obvious that he was not interested in kissing my ass and that I was not interested in vehicle manslaughter charges. I was about 2 seconds from rolling down my window and bitching him out when I realized that the ass clown was actually the nice young Barista that made me an ever so delicious venti passion black tea slightly sweetened this morning. So I swallowed my arrogance begrudingly and let the incident pass like the adult that I am trying to be should.

I go to that Starbucks way too much to make enemies with a Barista...lucky bugger!