Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wasting Away in Miami

Not really but I thought the title was catchy. I have been in Miami since Saturday night. Not a lot to report but the heavy lifting is all done and now we are in wait-for-it-to-break mode. I am here with two co-workers supporting a one night block party. We also have an executive suite at the hotel where we are staying that we are responsible for. Basically, we are setting up printers and computers and wiring everything so that the planners and such can throw their party. We are working out of the Moore Building in Miami's Design District. This building has been used for art shows and the like. Much better digs than Detroit last year. Here is a shot of the interior atrium:

Moore Atrium

Because I want this post to have some humor and redeeming value, please follow this link and read Dave Barry's column from the Miami Herald where he welcomes you to Miami and gives you some tips to getting around town. It's all true and very accurate. Enjoy.