Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Notes from the Terminal

Waiting at Miami International to fly home after a week and a half in South Florida. Murphy's Law sure did apply for the weather down here. For most of the week it was sunny and mild in the high 70's, with nominal humidity. Then Friday, the night of the 7 hour block party, it hits 85 with high humidity. Yuck. Too many people in too small a space and not enough AC when indoors.

And of course then there was the game. The game where it lightly sprinkled in the first quarter and then turned into a heavy downpour in the second. Our seats were in the upper deck above the Chicago end zone. The cool thing about Joe Robbie/Pro Player/Dolphins/Dolphin Stadium is that there does not appear to be a bad seat in the place. Of course almost every seat is also exposed to the elements. To say that I got soaked would be an understatement. Put it this way, one of the shirts I wore to the game is still wet. Fish do not get as wet as I was. Water wishes it was as wet as I was. Thankfully my head and feet stayed dried and warm which is why I am not sick today and why I was able to hold out until the game was practically decided. We abandoned ship with about twelve minutes left in the fourth quarter. I had proclaimed that I was staying for the whole thing, and had it been my first SuperBowl I probably would have. Or if the Chargers were playing. Instead it was a cold and wet trek back to the bus where we watched the last five minutes on the TV system. Had we known that the TVs on the buses got broadcast reception we would have left sooner. There were lots of empty seats after Prince did the halftime entertainment.

The game and the experience in the rain were incredibly fun and being treated as a VIP by ESPN Special Events meant that we were well fed and taken care of. The tailgate party this year was on the field of the Orange Bowl where we had a BBQ and played catch with lots of footballs. I have pictures of it to post, but when I thought about the history of the place and the fact that I was running routes and making fingertip catches on the same field that Dan Marino threw to the Marks brothers, I was in heaven. And they pay me to work for them. Damn Cool!