Friday, October 29, 2004

Still Popular

After all these years Peter Pan is still popular with kids. Jamie and Kylie are dressing up as John and Nanna, respectively, this year. Other kids at their school are going as Wendy and Michael. When I first started working for Disney, Peter Pan had just been re-released and I took the family (except Kylie who wasn't born yet) to a screening on the Studio Lot in the big fancy theater there. We watched a beautiful print of the movie on the big screen and we all enjoyed it immensely. This was the beginning of the Peter Pan franchise becoming a favorite with my kids. As they have gotten older the Peter Pan ride at Disneyland remains one of their favorite rides and mine too. The sequel Return to Neverland is one of Kylie's favorite DVDs. It is nice to see classics hold up over time with this generation of children.

John and Nanna

The girls get to wear their costumes to school today. They sure had fun getting dressed up this morning.