Monday, April 11, 2005

No Review

I had intended to write a thorough review of the U2 concert, but as I thought about it I realized that to write something that I would consider up to my standards would require me to take a detailed, analytical look back at the show. Because I just want to savor the experience and the feeling of the music I am going to pass on writing that kind of review. Instead here are some miscellaneous thoughts from the show:

Hearing The Edge play guitar I said to my friend Larry that "this is the second coming of Jimi Hendrix."

After 25 years, these guys get better and better.

There is a good reason why U2 sells out so quickly.

If you have even an inkling of seeing them you should beg, borrow or steal to get tickets for the November shows at Staples Center.

If you want more details, just call me and I will spew out as much as I can remember.