Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Pimping for my Kids

It's that time of year everybody. Yes its time for the annual Magazine Drive fundraiser at Jamie and Kylie's school. This year's funds will go towards the new track. I know it sucks to get hit up to buy magazines but I politely ask that you read on. Thank you.

This year you can order magazines online by clicking on this link; Order Lots of Magazines!!!! Once there enter the school code for Laurel Hall which is W09198 (that's a zero). Next, enter Jamie or Kylie's first and last name. Then shop away! No checks, no receipts, no hard selling kids begging and most importantly no puppy-dog eyes tearing up over potential rejection. Best of all, you can renew existing subscriptions. How cool and easy is that?! Very.

Final favor, and I know you have to have some kind of Chutzpah to ask this, but if you find yourself ordering two or more magazines, if at all possible could you please place one order under each girl's name. I know it's asking a lot, but the girls and I appreciate all the support we can get. If you have questions please e-mail Debby by clicking on her name. Thanks everyone.

By the way, the last day to place an order is Monday, September 26th.