Saturday, February 04, 2006

Rumors No More

Houston, the tickets have landed! Ever seen me so happy?


Yesterday I mentioned that I was eating a brat while posting. Well, Johnsonville Brats are being served today on all the floors so of course I have partaked in another. I also scored one of their shirts which we used as a background to take a closeup photo of our tickets. Don't you just love the double meaning of this photo?


The fights last night were a lot of fun. This fight is T-Rex vs. Cobra (they have real names but I couldn't tell you what they are). Cobra in the white trunks won on a 12 round majority decision. It was a fun party at the Antetheum Hotel. The fight was held in the 8th floor ballroom. There was an upstairs area above the ring where we watched the fights. We had a great birds-eye-view of the action and we were probably only 20 feet from the edge of the ring. Lots of good food and free drinks. Four time heavy weight champ Evander Holyfield was there.


After the fight we walked back to the Centaur building and checked out the Motown Winter Blast. One of the cool (literally) parts were the ice statues of all the NFL teams' logos.


The Minnesota Vikings' was the best one.


It started snowing today around 1:00pm. It's colder today but the snow is not sticking. It is suppose to come down all afternoon but stop by tomorrow. It sure is beautiful.


Shook hands with Matt Leinart of USC today and congratulated him on a great college career and wished him the best in the pros. He is almost as tall as me. Good lucking son-of-a-gun too. He will definitely be a star in the NFL.