Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Going Up

In October of 2005, ground was broken on the LA Live project across the street from Staples Center in Downtown LA. Part of that development includes a new West Coast Studio for ESPN. Recently a webcam was installed so that ESPN employees can check the progress on our intranet. Since this will be my new work address by 2009, I check the progress on a daily basis. Here is the progress as of today:

ESPN Studio

Here is the caption from the site which is now a bit out of date:
You are looking roughly northeast at the site from a camera mounted on the Staples Center. The street running in the bottom righthand corner is Chick Hearn Way and the street in the upper right running between the site and the Holiday Inn is Figueroa. In the upper left hand part of the picture, you can see the ESPN billboard on the Hotel Figueroa. The ESPN building fronts on Chick Hearn Way and Figueroa and extends to about the large crane and left almost to the trailers. What you see at present is the main floor of the building. Under that concrete slab are two floors of a parking garage, rooms to house ESPN mechanical gear and a partial third floor for electrical equipment belonging to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. Beyond the building to the top of the picture is a plaza and an office building. We expect to start erecting the steel for the five-story building in mid-January and to open the facility in early 2009. When completed, the LA Production Center will house two large studios, three control rooms, master control facilities, a combined screening-news room, eight edit rooms and associated support facilities. We hope you enjoy watching the progress with us.
Full LA Live details can be found at: AEG Worldwide