Wednesday, February 23, 2005


When I write I have my voice running through my mind composing what I will say. Mostly it is a good thing as it lets me formulate what I am going to say. However hearing this same voice while kissing the porcelain god is really annoying. I had a bout with barfing the other night brought on by either bad food or stomach flu. No matter which one, it was painful and not what I had in mind at 3:00am at the end of an otherwise wonderful three-and-a-half day weekend. I found myself with a gut pain that I had not felt in the two years since hacking up my guts in the shower at the Four Seasons Hotel in Shanghai. That was by far the worst abdominal pain I have ever felt. In fact I had just mentioned to my cousin Kevin ( on Saturday that I haven't barfed since China. He was looking a tad car sick after I picked him and Rachel up at Burbank airport and I said, "You'd better not poot in my Cruiser." He didn't and said he hadn't been sick in years and I said the same thing and obviously jinxed myself.

Anyway, back to that voice in my head. I try to write things that I would want to read so I compose in my head first and if I get more than a few sentences then I can sit at one of many keyboards and write away. So it's three in the morning and I am waiting, no begging to barf to alleviate the pain I am in and what pops into my mind? Blogging about barfing...blogging about this F-ed up is that? It's bad enough to be as sick as dog in the middle of the night, shivering on the floor in front of the toilet. But when the self narration in me starts thinking of writing the play-by-play, something aint right. I suppose I was/am conscious of the fact that I had not posted in over a week and that my goal is to write more. But I also want to post quality stuff or at least content that is not written just because its been a while. But with all the disease running through my body at the time I couldn't believe that blogging crossed my mind. Talk about being sick.