Friday, July 01, 2005

Moving On

Today is my last day, well last hour actually, at Disney ABC Cable Networks. After a five day trip to the San Juan Islands, I start at ESPN on Wednesday. I was feted with lunch with my department and then cake with everyone on my floor. It was very touching and made me realize how many relationships I have forged in seven years starting out when I just worked for the Disney Channel.

I have been incredibly excited about my new job ever since I accepted the position. When I tell people about it, apparently I glow and have this look of glee on my face. It's true. I have been so happy about it that it has been all I can do to not jump out of my skin with joy. I have tried not to gloat at the office and be mindful that I am leaving behind some great people that have to endure a department transition and reorganization. But damn, I have enjoyed these last two weeks. Almost everyone has started a conversation with the term "short-timer." My cubicle was slowly raided by technology vultures this past week suffering the loss of my flat panel monitor, my printer cable almost, my Nextel Blackberry and various chotchkes. It has been great. It has been a long time that I have been this excited and happy about work. Not the leaving. That is hard. But the excitement of the new opportunity in the sports world of ESPN. It is the same feeling that I had seven years ago when I came to Disney, only this time it is stronger because I know what I have had, I think I know where I am going and I appreciate the journey so much more.

One of my co-workers who was hired less than a year after me signed my going away card by quoting Sir Isaac Newton. It said, "If I have seen further, it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants. Thank you." I too can say the same about my experiences so far at Disney and to the team that I leave behind. Thank you for showing me the way.