Friday, September 16, 2005


One of my favorite jokes goes like this:

What is a Jewish dilemma? Free Ham!

(Being Jewish and not liking ham much I can tell this joke, so hold those cards and letters folks.)

As an ESPN employee we get all sorts of web-based subscriptions like ESPN Insider and College Football Game Plan for free. It's a nice perk and I appreciate it. This morning however my e-mail in-box presented me with the equivalent of the Free Ham joke. Yes, ESPN HR has invited me to take advantage of my Annual Complimentary BASS Membership for BASS Insider. This would be fishing. BASSmaster. Basses. I pause here so that the jokes can just write themselves.

Believe it or not I will be turning down illustrated and animated tips; video instruction; exclusive online chats with pros; Bassmaster magazine online library access; and finally, exclusive discounts on merchandise and other BASS programs. Call me crazy, but this is actually no dilemma...not even close.

So, did you buy any magazines from my beautiful daughters yet?