Monday, April 02, 2007

Say Hello to My Little Friend

I was back in Phoenix working the NBA game again this past weekend. On Saturday I went to Alice Cooper's restaurant, Alice Cooperstown, with a couple of the crew members. Last time I was in Phoenix I also had lunch there and could not help being curious about the yelling by the waiters when someone order a specific dish. Upon further investigation, Cooperstown offers a two foot long hot dog called the Big Unit (named after Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Randy Johnson) for $10.99. When ordered and when delivered the wait staff yells out "BIG UNIT!" Intrigued by the prospects I went for it this time. Here is the offending nitrate missle:

big unit
Notice the fork for scaling purposes. This hotdog ran the length of the plate.

In actuality, the Big Unit is about 4 Hebrew National all beef hotdogs in a so-so toasted bun. After some impressive oooohs and aaaaahs from many in the ESPN/ABC TV crew I dove in and attacked the beast. The verdict: was a hotdog. It was good but nothing special. I ate the whole dog and about half of the bun. I also had coleslaw and fries with it, plus iced tea. When it was all said and done I still had room for chocolate off the craft service table. Glad I tried it once, but would not do it again since Alice has so many other good things on his menu. It is a really good sports bar and restaurant and I recommend the place when you are in downtown Phoenix.