Friday, June 01, 2007

Home Again

I was going to write a long post about the three NBA playoff games I worked, but I am just not feeling it. Instead highlights and lowlights.


-Meeting NBA Hall of Famer George "The ICEMAN" Gervin. A very nice man

-Telling Jalen Rose of the Phoenix Suns not to leave his suit lying around as we are the same size and I like the material. He was a lot of fun to hang out with and had a great sense of humor

-Getting spanked repeatedly by Dan Patrick as punishment for accidentally calling our makeup gal a tranny

-Seeing Derek Fisher and his daughter and hearing that they got good news about her eye cancer that day

-Sitting in First Class with our NBA Game announcing team

-Great Texas BBQ on the Riverwalk in San Antonio

-My 9 foot king size bed in Utah

-Watching the Kobe Bryant news be created and reported on first-hand by Stephen A. Smith, Dan Patrick and others as I was with those folks all that day

-Taking in the first half of game 5 from our broadcast set while eating a Whataburger bought by Jon Barry. Thanks Jon! Here is a photo from that vantage point. Stephen A. on the left and Dan chewing his Whataburger



-Despondent 33 year old who jumped from the 17th floor of the Grand American Hotel hours before game 4. The Spurs and all of our talent and executives were staying at that hotel. The body landed 10 feet from the hotel entrance and cast a pall over the day as we prepared to go on the air

-Idiot Game truck engineers that don't know shit about IT

-The heat and humidity of San Antonio. Makes it easy to not be working the Finals

-Salt Lake City closing on Sunday. All of it

-Feeling like crapola for the first 5 days of the trip

-Missing the long Memorial Day weekend at home with my family

-Coming home to a backed up sink and a dead cable box