Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Big Four-Oh

Today’s the day and I made it with little to no fanfare with the exception of some minor tummy trouble this morning. Thank the heavens for Immodium!

40. All the buildup with none of the payoff. Well, that’s not entirely true. After months of fielding the “what are we going to do for your 40th birthday” question, Debby and I are taking all three rugrats to New York tonight for a mini-vacation and some theater going. It will be nice to spend the weekend with the four people that make my life as wonderful as it is.

It’s been a great year since I last wrote about turning forty:

6Foot7: November 2004 (T-Minus 365.25 Days)

Reading back over that entry makes me realize that while not a lot has changed with who I am and what my goals and passions are, I am much happier than I was. And that is because I changed jobs and moved over to ESPN. While I love being a member of this organization, it’s the fact that the environment I work in now is so much healthier. I left a toxic place that had slowly been chipping away at my soul. It was not any one person or thing that caused this toxicity but more so a status quo and lack of compassion, vision and camaraderie that contributed to it. I am as guilty as any of getting caught up in all the negativity and am so much happier to have moved on. Today I am happier, healthier, optimistic and more relaxed than I have ever been.

As I enter my forties, I have a high sense of self-worth and an appreciation for the journey that I have taken to get here. I am comfortable in my skin and think that I am doing a good job as husband and father. 40 feels no different than 39 other than I no longer have to think about the milestone approaching. It’s here and it’s in full bloom. A bit of a spread around the middle (ok, its always been there), thinning hair line and declining eyesight…and maybe hearing according to some…but nothing too bad (ok, there is that cholesterol thingy). I am living for today and tomorrow. Can’t do much about the rode already traveled nor would I. Life continues on at 40.