Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Waiting on the Inspector

Sitting here as I post, I am waiting for the inspector to conduct his enclosure inspection. I was given a two hour window that he will be here in and of course I am in the last 30 minutes of that window. The guy must double as a cable TV repairman.

An enclosure inspection consists of making sure the property is secure so that no one wanders into your pool and drowns. This means self-latching gates that open towards the street, door alarms on every entry that leads to the pool area and of course a fence around the entire property. This weekend my fence guy finished the new rear fence and a pair of side gates. Here is a sample of his work.



All that remains once the inspector approves is the final plumbing fittings and the peeble sheen surface of the pool. Plus we need to stain all three sides of our backyard fences and landscape the area behind the pool. We may actually be hot tubbing in a week! Par-tay!

Update: we passed the inspection and are scheduled to have our pool surfaced on Thursday.