Friday, October 31, 2008


I went low tech this year on my Halloween Costume:

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Hope Floats, Dogs are Another Story

Meet Chopper:

Chopper is an 80lb neighbor of ours....actually he is an entire neighborhood on 4 legs. A lady in the area rescues pit bulls and the like and Chopper is one of her charges that she is trying to place. He is mostly an American Bulldog and fell in love with Sandy recently. Chopper and rescuer dropped by to play tonight and despite Black Jack having a hissy fit all was well up until this moment here:

...well, actually 5 seconds after I snapped this. Chopper decided that it was not enough to drink from our pool, he also decide to go for a sink...not a swim!

Rescue lady started to panic as Chopper flailed and sank, so being the chivalrous host that I am, I put the camera down and jumped in after the big bag of cement. Me, in T-shirt, shorts and oh yeah, with cellphone, bluetooth headset and wallet in pockets.

As you can see I saved the pooch with complete disregard for my dryness or worldly possessions. Fortunately, my wallet survived. The headset has a 50 percent chance of making it, and I believe that my KRZR phone is history. Surprisingly, I am not considering replacing it with an iPhone, I am actually considering the new Black Jack II. Kinda of ironic...don't you think?

Update: I bought the iPhone afterall.