Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's Not the Having, It's the Wanting

We walked into the AT&T/Cingular store yesterday to get Jamie a cellphone since she will start riding a bus into Hancock Park next month for school. Kylie pointed at an iPhone ad and said "Dad are you going to get one?" I said that they were sold out but was immediately corrected by a salesperson announcing that the iPhones are in stock just not on display. here's the conundrum. I had declared that I would wait until the iPhone had been in the marketplace at least 30 days before buying one. I also stated to any and everyone that I would not buy this phone until it hit 2nd generation. I choose to be practical and not adopt early technologies. It's just who I am both personally and professionally. So here is the problem. Debby starts asking me if I want it. I tell her that $600.00 plus tax is ridiculous for a phone...are you sure? Jamie at the same time can't decide which phone to get..."don't you like mine?" I ask. "Too narrow" she says. Had she wanted my phone, I could have been tempted to do a swap but practicality and fiscal responsibility won out for now. However, as we were leaving Kylie kept saying that she will take my phone so that I can get an iPhone. I may have to take her up on her offer in 14 more days....

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Carribbean Cruise 07

Enjoy some photos from our Carribbean cruise that we just returned from with Debby's family. Her parents celebrated 50 years of marriage last December and this trip was the big family outing to go with it. It was a great week for all 13 of us as her parents had all three of their children, with spouses and grandkids, on board.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Say Hello to my Little Friend


My new friend from Grand Cayman.