Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Dare You To Try To Change The Channel


No more Lassie, I want Iron Chef and Emeril, damnit!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Self Deprecating

drabble lard

I'd say this is pretty much the way it is at the old homestead.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Welcome to Phoenix, My Name is Fill

Another fun NBA weekend saw me wearing multiple hats. Besides doing my normal computer support and helping move camera and lighting equipment, I was also asked to be a fill-in for our live crowd during the pregame show. Initially the turnout was rather poor, so despite my devotion to the Lakers, I made like a crazy sun fried Phoenix Suns basketball fan. I even got a free Suns hat out of the deal. Watch the video and look for me in the bottom right corner wearing a dark gray T-shirt and a white hat.

Don't you just love the Gorilla and Trophyman? It was probably about 85 degrees at 10:00 am on Sunday morning when this was shot and I was cooking with the sun beating down on my back. I cannot imagine how those two guys did not stroke out.

Say Hello to My Little Friend

I was back in Phoenix working the NBA game again this past weekend. On Saturday I went to Alice Cooper's restaurant, Alice Cooperstown, with a couple of the crew members. Last time I was in Phoenix I also had lunch there and could not help being curious about the yelling by the waiters when someone order a specific dish. Upon further investigation, Cooperstown offers a two foot long hot dog called the Big Unit (named after Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Randy Johnson) for $10.99. When ordered and when delivered the wait staff yells out "BIG UNIT!" Intrigued by the prospects I went for it this time. Here is the offending nitrate missle:

big unit
Notice the fork for scaling purposes. This hotdog ran the length of the plate.

In actuality, the Big Unit is about 4 Hebrew National all beef hotdogs in a so-so toasted bun. After some impressive oooohs and aaaaahs from many in the ESPN/ABC TV crew I dove in and attacked the beast. The verdict: Eh...it was a hotdog. It was good but nothing special. I ate the whole dog and about half of the bun. I also had coleslaw and fries with it, plus iced tea. When it was all said and done I still had room for chocolate off the craft service table. Glad I tried it once, but would not do it again since Alice has so many other good things on his menu. It is a really good sports bar and restaurant and I recommend the place when you are in downtown Phoenix.